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About Us


At Planted Foods, our pre-packaged goods are made with clean ingredients and love. We are for everyone tired of over- hyped unhealthy food with no benefit.  By recreating classic items and making them plant based, we are bringing back truly healthy eating. Here at Planted Foods, we believe that ingredients should be familiar and simple. Our products are healthy, delicious, and convenient. Enjoy on the go or at home relaxing- either way we’ve got you covered!

Company philosophy & vision

Our company operates with honesty, integrity, and care for the foods we create. We value people and have a mission to provide products everyone can enjoy.

Our vision is to expand our ready- to eat food offerings and make it easy as possible to access our products.


Note from the Founder/CEO

I am Ashley Kirk and I started Planted Foods with a passion to provide meaningful food made by people who care. Back in 2016, I had just been promoted to my dream job. I was ecstatic and filled with joy and a hunger to work hard! 

Not even 6 months into the job, I was miserable and exhausted. I’d gained weight, had chronic headaches, anxiety, and felt unhappy. This job was a nightmare- from the unruly clientele to the 10+ hour days. I absolutely hated the job but my biggest question was: “why can’t I find joy in the things I DO enjoy outside of work?”. Shouldn’t I have only been unhappy at work? 

I had never felt so disconnected from my own body. After doing some research, I realized I was severely stressed. Stress plays out physically and emotionally. Stress doesn’t have a schedule, it doesn’t only affect you when you’re engaged with the cause of the stress. It’s there when you are at the movies, at a family event, or doing you’re favorite activity... It’s even present when you’re sleeping (or trying to!) Stress was crippling me at the age of 26; I knew I couldn’t live this way. So I took into account all of my options- medication or therapy. Not liking either of these options, I dug a little deeper and found that a plant based diet reduces stress! Ok- this didn’t sound too scary. It was better than shelling out hundreds of dollars to a stranger to listen to my problems. And it was certainly better than putting God knows what into my already suffering body. 

I went plant based and within days, I felt better! Lord Jesus Christ!!! I could not believe how I was able to manage my life better. I was able to take on my job with a stronger body and mind. Not only was I no longer stressed but I stayed in that job for several years (and even started my company during my time there). 

Now that I’d lost weight, had energy, proper sleep, and a new lease on life, I wanted to maintain this feeling. Let’s be honest, being healthy AND plant based is time consuming. I still had my unruly clientele and 10+ hour days. Making my meals from scratch daily or weekly gave me little time for anything else.

I figured I couldn’t be the first vegan to want quick options, so I went to the grocery store and there were a myriad of vegan selections. There was vegan cheese, lunch meat, chik’n nuggets, roasts, ice cream- the list goes on and on. I was thrilled! I could enjoy a healthy version of the foods I was once familiar with. ...I bought everything as quickly as I threw it out! WTH?? 

I felt awful after eating these foods. Eating a vegan nugget was definitely not the same feeling as eating a kale salad. Why was that? After looking at the ingredients, often times the prepackaged food would be high in sodium or contain fillers, preservatives, and other foreign ingredients. Yikes! 

Back I went to making my own food again.. but this time with efficiency. I made all of my own food and would  freeze it or used a natural preservative to keep longer in my fridge. I came prepared for every work event and family party with my signature food. My food would often be eaten by meat eaters and vegetarians alike. It got to a point where, friends and family would request meals! I loved cooking and would make big batches of my foods. I loved how people felt after having my food and teaching others how to eat better. 

My passion for food is something I want to share with the world. I have invested my time, funds, and future into growing Planted Foods. I want to provide truly healthy food that is also convenient. 

 Leading a busy life can sometimes mean exchanging healthy food for convenience. My foods are perfect for quick snacks, lunch, and dinner. Planted Foods gives time back in your day without sacrificing taste or quality. With a love for animals and humans, my vision is to fill grocery stores, restaurants, and other distribution channels with our flavorful natural food.