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About Us

 The Planted Foods Brand

 At Planted Foods, our pre-packaged goods are made with clean ingredients and love. We are for everyone tired of over- hyped unhealthy food with no benefit.  By recreating classic items and making them plant based, we are bringing back truly healthy eating. Here at Planted Foods, we believe that ingredients should be familiar and simple. Our products are healthy, delicious, and convenient.

As a sustainable brand, we use recyclable materials for our packaging and repetitive ingredients across our product line. By using whole ingredients, we eliminate any food waste during production of our products. 

We can all live healthier happier lives by incorporating more nutrients into our diet. Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans in the United States. According to the CDC, we can prevent this by a few simple lifestyle changes- diet and exercise.

We all want to be healthy, but it can be a challenge knowing what to eat. So give us a try and if you are not totally satisfied, take advantage of our 100% money back guarantee. Enjoy on the go or at home relaxing- either way we’ve got you covered!


Company Philosophy & Vision

1. Our company operates with honesty, integrity, and care for the foods we create. We value people and have a mission to provide products everyone can enjoy.

2. Our vision is to develop innovative products that focus on wellness and health in food. We believe this is the future of food and humanity.


Note from the Founder/CEO


I'm Ashley Kirk and I founded Planted Foods in 2018 out of a desire for truly healthy food. In 2016, I reached a huge milestone in my career but with that, came stress. I found myself exhausted and unmotivated with daily migraines and anxiety. After living like this for months, I had to make a change. I spoke with my physician who recommended therapy or medicine. Neither were attractive options in my mid- 20’s so I began doing my own research. That’s when I stumbled upon a plant based diet. With nothing to lose, I skeptically dove in and changed my diet.

Within a week of being plant based, I experienced increased energy, mental clarity, and virtually eliminated my migraines. I felt the best I ever had! The only downside to my dietary change was the massive learning curve and very time consuming meal prep. After months of being vegan, the meals became repetitive and uninteresting. I searched for ways to make eating healthy convenient and simplified. Alas! I found a host of prepackaged vegan meat and cheese substitutes and stocked up!

I ate vegan meat substitutes for days and realized I did not feel the same. I felt lethargic and off balance when I consumed faux meats and cheese. While these foods saved me time, I didn’t understand why I didn’t feel the same eating vegan sausage as when eating kale. If they are both from plants, why doesn’t it feel the same? That’s when I began reading the ingredients- I found terms like xanthan gum, vital wheat gluten, potassium chloride, and soy lecithin- not to mention the high sodium amounts! Many ingredients were so heavily processed and engineered; it was hard to find the FOOD in the food.

I went into my kitchen and started making the food I wanted to eat and creating various recipes. I took classic recipes and put a twist on them! I made yummy meals- from sweet potato sliders to my infamous chickpea “tuna” I started sharing my meals with friends and family. Watching them enjoy my creations and considering a healthier lifestyle was exciting to me!

That is when I realized, I was happiest when I was helping people eat well. I wanted to share my passion on a bigger scale. That's when Planted Foods was born. Our products are made with the intentions of providing whole hearty ingredients with labels that are clean and clear. I hope that I inspire others to take a chance and follow their passion.

Happy Eating,



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